• Liferay Development Training

Liferay Development Training

Experience the real-time implementation of different features of general familiarization to Liferay tools and their applications, Problem formulation and how to handle very complex tasks, Difference between internet and in tranet and etc. This Training is the quickest way to learn best practices for developing Liferay plugins, successful deployment, administration, or tuning of Liferay Portal.

Get hands-on experience on liferay built-in web content management system allowing users to build websites and portals as an assembly of themes, pages, portlets and a common navigation. Enroll & Become Certified!

Liferay Training Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Liferay
  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Installing Liferay Developer Studio
  • Set up a Liferay bundle

Module 2: Developing Portlet Plugins

  • Introduction to Portlets
  • Java Standard Portletsts
  • Inter-Portlet Communication
  • Portlets and Web Application Frameworks
  • MVC Portlets
  • Design Approach
  • Service Builder
  • Liferay Search Container
  • Portlet Permissions
  • Feedback, Validation and Localization

Module 3: Developing Theme and Layout Template Plugins

  • Liferay Theme Overview and Exercise
  • Liferay Layout Template Overview and Exercise
  • Advanced Theme, Layout Topics, and Best Practices

Module 4: Developing Hook Plugins

  • Customizing Properties
  • Adding a Post Login Action
  • Customizing Language Keys
  • Customizing Core Liferay JSPs

Module 5: Developing EXT Plugins

  • EXT Plugin Overview
  • Extending User Management
  • Overriding Struts Actions

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