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Android Application Training in Dindigul | Tamilnadu

Android Application Development Training

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Android is a kind of operating system. An Android phone is a sophisticated, high-tech phone that runs Google's Android operating system (OS), which is supported by a number of mobile phone manufacturers. Android OS is a mobile operating system based on Linux that is predominantly used on smartphones and tablets. Java was the official language for developing Android applications until it was replaced by Kotlin, and as a result, it is also the most commonly used language. Many of the apps in the Google Play Store are written in Java, the most popular programming language used by Google. You may make apps for Android devices as an Android app developer. Apps have transformed mobile devices into portable computers and transformed people's interactions. If you want to learn about Android mobile app development and build your own app, you may enrol in the course right now. At a reasonable price, Careerlines offers the best Android training in Dindigul, Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Tamil Nadu. Learning Android development opens up a lot of professional opportunities, including working as a freelancer or for prominent organisations like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. You can simply earn a reasonable income working as an Android developer in this sector.

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Android Syllabus

  • 45 Days Fast Track Course        Mode : Offline / Online
  • Introduction to Mobile App Development , Mobile App Development Platforms , Cross-Platform App Development , Android Versioning , Android Development Platforms & Android Architecture
  • Installation of Android Studio , Installation of Eclipse and ADT Plugin & Android Project Structure
  • Java Programming Fundamentals , Control Structures , Loops , OOPS Concepts , Exception Handling , Collection , Vector Class & HashMap
  • Activities/Fragment , Services , Intent , Intent Filters , Storage & Broadcast receivers
  • Widget Control , Working with Single Screen Design , Working with Multiple Screen Design , Handling Pages with Scrollable Design
  • Reusing Existing forms , Material Design , Button and Checkbox
  • Progress Bar and Seek Bar , Text View and Edit Text & Views(Grid View, List View, Image View)
  • Linear Layout , Relative Layout , Table Layout , Frame Layout , What is layout in Android? , Design Layout Using XML for UI layout
  • Understanding the Life cycle methods , Working example of life cycle
  • Understanding the XML layout files structure , Values XML filesTextView and EditText , Dialogs , Notifications , Understanding the LDPI, MDPI and HDPI
  • Understanding Mipmap folders , Mipmap V/s drawable folders
  • Creating Android application , Launching Emulator , Working with Various settings in Emulator , Logcat Operations
  • Debugging an Application , Understanding DDMS , DDMS and log results

  • Implicit intents , Launching native application using Intent , Explicit Intent , Switch between activities using Explicit Intent
  • Data transferring between activities using Intents , Role of intent Filters , Intent Filters in your manifest
  • LifecycleBound ServicesNotificationsRunning in Foreground
  • DML Queries , DDL Queries , SQL Syntax
  • SQL functionsDate & time functions , Aggregate functions , JSON functions

  • Content providers and preferences , Storing in Flat files , SQLite – Database Usage , Data storage using the preferences
  • Database Operations , Realm Database Connectivity , SQLCipherPermission Systems
  • SOAP , RESTJSON , Volley Library , Retrofit Library
  • Broadcast Receivers , Lifecycle , Permissions
  • Handling Wifi Connectivity , Handling Bluetooth Connectivity , Working with Sensors
  • Send SMS , Send Email , Notification , Camera
  • Android Material Design , Sliding Navigation Menu Drawer , View Page Indicator
  • Card View , Recycler View , Tool Bar , Floating Action Button
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) , Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) , Android PHP/MySQL Connection.
  • Testing your Android App , Prerequisites for Launching you Android App , Publishing your App

Training By Expert Instructors

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • The Kotlin, Java, and C++ programming languages can be used to create Android apps.
  • Android Certification Training is in line with Google's vision of making India a global hub for high-quality mobile developers, as well as supporting Google's effort to train two million Android Developers.
  • Kotlin is a programming language.
  • Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that is open source and targets the JVM, Android, JavaScript, and Native.
  • Although creating Android applications is simple, developing and designing them is difficult.
  • As we all know, Kotlin is an Android programming language that is widely used in front-end development.

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I have learnt a lot from this course and I'm so glad I took the course


I enjoyed this whole course Training, useful and practical information as well as steps to assist with improving my skills.

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