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AngularJs Course Training in Dindigul | Tamilnadu

AngularJs Course Training in Dindigul

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45 Days (FastTrack)

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Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript front-end framework used to develop web applications. Anyone can freely use, modify, and share it. AngularJS is developed by Google. It is an excellent framework for building single-phase applications and an array of commercial applications. AngularJS is a framework used to build dynamic web applications. It allows you to use HTML as your template language and extend the syntax of HTML to express the elements of your application. Angular is the most popular client-side framework for building scalable and high-performance mobile and web applications using HTML, CSS, and TypeScript. Career Lines is a well-known IT training institute that offers Angular course Certification. Our highly qualified trainers employed by the academy are professionals who will guide you through the basics of the Angular course. Our course will help you learn the Angular framework, which is very useful for building all dynamic web applications. Our training sessions are available both online and in-person.Our Angular training is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Angular and help you land a job in reputable IT organisations around the world. Career Lines is the top AngularJS training institution in Tamil Nadu, with job guidance and practical classes. We give training in Madurai, Dindigul, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Trichy. Book your free demo lesson now!

What will you learn from Angular JS Training?

  • Get trained with Angular JS experts
  • Angular JS course completion certificate
  • Career Support

On Completion of the Course

  • Training on LIVE Projects
  • Online Examination
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Job Placement Offers
  • Internship Program & Certificate

Angular Js & Syllabus

  • 45 Days Fast Track Course        Mode : Offline / Online
  • What is Angular JS?
  • Why Angular JS?
  • Why MVC matters
  • MVC-The Angular JS way
  • Features of Angular JS ,Model-View-Controller & My First Angular JS app
  • All about Angular Expressions
  • How to use expressions, Angular vs JavaScript
  • Built-In Filters, Using Angular JS Filters
  • Creating Custom Filters
  • Introduction to Directives, Directive Lifecycle
  • Binding controls to data, Matching directives
  • Using Angular JS built-in directives
  • Creating a custom directive
  • Role of a Controller, Controllers & Modules
  • Attaching Properties and functions to scope
  • Nested Controllers, Using Filters in Controllers
  • Controllers in External Files

  • Introduction to Angular JS Modules
  • Bootstrapping Angular JS
  • Bootstrap Carousel
  • Bootstrap Tooltip, Popover
  • Bootstrap Grids , Bootstrap Templates
  • Bootstrap GridsBootstrap Templates
  • Forms Events, Updating Models with a Twist
  • Form Controller, Validating Angular Forms
  • $error object

  • What is scope, Scope Lifecycle
  • Scope Inheritance, Scope & Controllers
  • Root scope, Scope Broadcasting
  • Two-way data binding, Scope Inheritance
  • Scope & Directives, $apply and $watch , Scope Events
  • What is Dependency Injection
  • Creating Services, Factory, Service & Provider
  • Using Dependency Injection, What are services & Using Angular JS built in services
  • What is SPA, Pros and Cons of SPA
  • Passing Parameters, Changing location
  • Installing the ng Route module, Configure routes
  • Resolving promises, Creating a Single Page Apps
  • ng Animate Module, CSS Transforms
  • CSS Transitions, Applying Animations

Training By Expert Instructors

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Career Lines
4.7 (54 reviews)
  • • Skilled & Experienced Trainers
  • • 10+ Years of Work Experience
  • • Advanced Tools & Technologies Expertise

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Angular Js is an open-source application framework that is used to create interactive website components.
  • To begin, you will learn the fundamentals of AngularJS, including directives, expressions, filters, modules, and controllers.
  • Dindigul Career Lines Training Institute The best learning environment.
  • 45 days (per day 2 hours).
  • Angular is a framework for developing dynamic web applications.

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Good course on giving feedback! Has a lot of examples, the learning modules are spaced in good intervals and Angular JS course is very informative and easy to understand.


Angular JS is a good course. Helps to improve my future career. Good infrastruture with friendly experts.


I am very glad to take Angular JS course, because I have learnt lots of new things. I really need this for my job. So i took this for m sake.

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